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Heroes of the Dungeon releases an update with Egyptian themed content

Heroes of the Dungeon, the least imaginatively titled RPG in the world, released a new content update for their crawler this week. It’s pretty jam packed with content including two new solo chapters, a new dungeon environment within the Pyramid of Egypt, new heroes, and a World Boss game mode which will allow players over level 50 server-wide asynchronous co-op boss battles. Whew!

The two new heroes will be Anubis of the vitality melee class and Alexis, the game’s first priest class, bringing the total number of heroes to 21. The World Boss mode is designed specifically for level 50 and above. In order to defeat the Dark Knight boss, players who share a server will have to work together. To add spice you’ll also be able to compete with each other and with rival guilds for exclusive drops.

You can pick up the new content via the update now, and if you don’t have this game installed and want to check it out, it’ll cost you a cool nothing to download a copy.

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