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Nintendo shows off their next mobile game which will be Fire Emblem Heroes

Today during a live stream Nintendo finally gave out some details, as well as previewed, the company’s next mobile game, which will be Fire Emblem. We have known for awhile that Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing would be the next couple of mobile games to come from Nintendo after Super Mario Run.

So what does Fire Emblem on mobile look like? Not bad actually. It will be officially called Fire Emblem Heroes and will have players taking command of a battalion to go up against enemy forces. However this time you get to summon heroes from throughout the series’ 27-year of existence. Players can send in famous heroes like Marth, Tiki and more to fight it out with the enemy, and the gameplay sticks to the style that people are used to from the actual franchise, which is a good thing.

Fire Emblem Heroes has a few different modes you can play in, including a Tower Training mode, as well as a main questline. As you progress through the game, your heroes will level up, unlock new abilities, and have stats boosted, just like a normal RPG.

In an interesting move, Fire Emblem Heroes will arrive onto Android first, on Feb. 2nd, 2017, and then coming shortly after that to iOS. Probably to make up for the ridiculous wait everyone on Android has to deal with for Super Mario Run. If you missed the live stream, no worries, you can watch the entire thing in the video above.

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