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Glimpse Ashworld’s Post-Apocalyptic Future with its First Teaser Trailer

Less than a month ago Orangepixel announced Ashworld, a Mad Max inspired 2D open-world action game.  There isn’t a lot of information in this teaser, but it does give us little of the story alongside some new game play footage in the harsh desert wasteland.

The core of the game revolves around the character of Ash, a man set out to help rid the crumbling world of its rage buildup.  In a quest to clear the land of rage you’ll be fighting Ragers, enemies that revel in death and destruction, and the zombie-like Skellies and utilizing any methods you can find to do so.  Whether you want shoot them, blow them up, or run them down in car, it’s completely up to you.  This grim future is full of explosions and mayhem.

Ashworld’s map itself has been specifically designed to be large enough to be open world, but small enough not to necessitate breaking it into smaller zones.  This means that there will be a main storyline to follow with primarily static missions featuring typical fair such as fetch quests, destroying stuff, and defending locations.  The rest of the world will be filled out with aspect of procedural generation for additional missions and locations.

Orangepixel wants to give players plenty of additional side missions to help encourage exploration of the open world.  By making these optional missions random and extremely flexible it greatly aides in opening up an interesting reason for replaying the game, compelling us wander in search of extra goodies.

According to Orangepixel, the game is currently about 98% complete* with only the last few story missions, achievements, leaderboards left, as well as the typical testing, tweaking, and bug checking. Ashworld is slated for release in Q1 of 2017.  We’ll keep readers posted as more news arrives.

*Reference TouchArcade Forums

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