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Challenge your friends to see who’s the best drone pilot in Drone Battles

A simple but fun multiplayer game is what Drone Battles is all about. Drone Battles lets you compete with other players in real time to see who is the best drone pilot. In this game, there are no complicated controls or tactics needed to learn to have fun or win.

Flying your drone is simple, tap anywhere on the screen to make your drone hover. The longer you depress, the higher your drone will fly. Release your finger from the screen, and your drone will descend. So in order to maintain flight, you must feather your taps on the screen or you will crash. To maneuver, you simply tilt your phone to the left or right.

The object of the game is to transport more crates than your opponent to a designated area before a timer runs out. There are floating platforms with crates on them. You fly your drone above one and a claw drops from under your drone picking up the crate. You then need to drop it off into your designated drop off spot. You gain money for winning matches and can use it to upgrade your drones, power ups, and even buy new drones.

There are lots of power-ups to upgrade, but only certain drones can use certain ones. While in a match there are what look like little coins with question marks on them, these are the power-ups. It is random which you’ll get when you fly into one of these coins, but it’s only useful if it’s one that your particular drone can use. You also have energy which is used to start matches. Use up all your energy and you must wait till more fills up or use gems.


• Battle people from all over the world
• Unlock new drones and arenas
• Upgrade power-ups and your drone
• Complete customization options
• More than 400 part combinations to choose from
• Earn lots of prizes
• Challenge and play with your friends
• Progress through multiple Arenas all the way to the top
• Unique ranked system

Head to head real time games are always fun, and Drone Battles is one of them.


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