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Go Go Fairy Gals soft launched on Google Play

Go Go Fairy gals is an arcade shooter where players guide a Fairy around a map blasting baddies with the power of cuteness (I guess). Developers FredBear Games & PlayPlayFun have soft-launched their newest title in a few select regions; the title is available to download from Canada, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia and Taiwan, with the global launch coming soon.

According to the developer, the setting of the title takes place in the magical world of Rhea, where the Immortals, Demons, Gods and Humans exist since the ancient times. Every hundreds of years the king of the magical world holds an exorcism competition. Representatives from each race compete to be the top exorcist and earn the rewards that enable them to power up. I’m just as lost as the rest of you.

The features include:

  • One finger control
  • A total of 6 unlockable fairies to play with on launch
  • Unique skills and abilities for each fairy
  • More than 300 items to equip and use
  • Compare your score with the rest of players globally
  • Easy to learn and play
  • Numerous big boss battles!
  • Item fusion and enhancement
  • Daily rewards

Playboard is down, so for now here’s the play store link.


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