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Outside World: Remembered has Arrived on Android (And a Remaster Announced for the Original)

Indie game developer Little Thingie has brought a sequel to their wonderful isometric puzzle game Outside World to the Google Play store.  The story takes place right where the previous installment ended, but players do not need to play Outside World to enjoy Remembered.

The story follows the continuing journey of Kyrsten, still lost in a strange world and trying to make her way home.  Players must travel through a surreal and exotic land, attempting to solve riddles of environmental perspective and manipulation.  Little Thingie has taken great care to improve upon the first game’s precedent in terms of graphics, gameplay, and sound quality, all the while keeping the atmospheric feel and puzzle style intact.

The developers have also been working on a remaster of the original Outside World.  It was a gorgeous minimalistic puzzle game with an intriguing story, but suffered some issues on some devices.  They are completely re-coding and re-building it from scratch to make the core gameplay experience better all around.  It’ll have new graphics, better optimization, and even some extra levels will be thrown in.  What makes this overhaul even more amazing is the fact it will be a completely free update.  Little Thingie is currently shooting for an early March 2017 release for the remaster to be published, so keep your eyes peeled.

Enjoy the trailer below.

Explore Outside World: Remembered for $1.99 on Google Play

The original is 99 cents on Google Play

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