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Dave the Knight, an RPG/dungeon crawler coming soon to Google Play

Malaysian based developer, X Conique, will be launching their newest title, Dave the Knight, on Google play soon. The game, which features graphics resembling flash-based web browser titles, is currently out in Beta for those curious enough to test it out.

Boasting over 100 stages of randomly generated dungeons, and a “fantastic world” to discover, Dave the Knight surely has its work cut out for it as testers have reported game breaking glitches currently in the beta. Hopefully the bugs will be ironed out when it officially launched.

Dave the Knight features:

  • Randomly generated dungeon every time you play
  • Numerous monsters to fight
  • 100+ stages to explore Level up your heroes and learn new skills
  • … and more to be revealed

We’ll keep you posted for the official launch of the game, which shouldn’t be too far off.

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