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Fight your way to fame and fortune in Victorious Knight, now available from Google Play

Released by Tzenku Games, Victorious Knight is a turn based combat/dungeon crawler now available on Android. In this game, players will be assuming the role of a knight who seeks to participate in an annual tournament of combat to win the eponymous title of “victorious knight”.

To achieve this end, players will participate in one of two modes of play available: Raid the Dungeon or Battle for Glory. With the former, players will dungeon crawl through a variety of dungeons and earn both gold and the occasional shard (more on the on a bit), with the goal being to kill off every enemy found within each one.

As for Battle for Glory, here players try to face off in a head to head format. Whereas the dungeon crawler format has a top down perspective and plays out in real time (as one would expect), this mode is visualized almost like a fighting game in a turn based format. Players will have the option to run through a bit of a mini-map to collect items out of chests, at the end of which they can then begin the match; alternatively, players can elect to skip this part and jump straight into the combat. At the start of a round in Battle for Glory mode the turn orders are populated across the screen and the icons for each turn disappear as they are fulfilled, and there are health bars across the top of the screen.

Both of these disparate modes of play can be influenced by the same items that are found within the game. These include Potions, Armor, and Weapons, with the latter two being upgraded by the shards of Mithril that can be dropped by slain Trolls within dungeons. Skills can also be upgraded using a similar mechanic of collecting Knowledge Fragments and include abilities such as enhanced attacks which are followed by a cool down period. The controls for the game are gesture based for movement on the left, with virtual buttons on the right for attack and activating specials or using healing potions.


– 30 Mini Map/Stages To Complete!

– Upgrade your skills, it can help you score 3 stars!

– Don’t forget to visit the Dungeon’s Forge often to upgrade your equipment!

– Open treasure chests to get upgrade materials!

– 4 hidden items to be found!

– Character Growth; Level up and spend your acquired Skill Points based on play style!

– Visit The Forge to buy new weapon for a new look and increased attack speed!

– Don’t forget to upgrade your Potion Power to stay longer in battle!

– Well-timed actions are crucial to win battles!

– Don’t miss a single treasure chest!

Victorious Knight is currently available from Google Play. The game can be purchased upfront for $0.99. The game lacks both In App purchasing as well as ads. Prospective players can check out the trailer below to see more of the game in action.


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