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Strange Telephone Makes a Call through the Google Play Store

Jill has awoken in a dark and mysterious world with a giant locked door and a sentient floating phone named Graham.  With no idea how she got here, she must find a way to escape through this place, and her odd new friend Graham might have the answer.

 Through him she can make calls that create new worlds to explore, and it’s through these calls that you may search through other worlds and hopefully find the keys to the doorway home.  This unique take on pixelated point and click games has you not just collecting items and planting flags, but also helping others find their way out.  By obtaining and calling numbers multiple times, you can “share the numbers with other people,” though there is no direct mechanism of communication- which is a very intriguing concept for a game containing many worlds.  On top of this there are multiple endings to find to encourage you to keep making those calls and exploring strange new worlds.


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