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The Samurai Wars is a new tactical war game featuring actual samurai

Indie developer Zeimtoer has released their first game onto Android called The Samurai Wars. This particular title is a tactical strategy war game based in the more ancient Japanese era where samurais and ninjas were the elite warriors of the land. However, during this period in time, Japan was split up into different regions which were controlled by different warlords and their samurai.

You’ll be taking on the role of one of these warlords who commands an army of samurai, with the goal of unifying Japan under your rule. In order to accomplish this goal, however, you’ll need to beat the other warlords and their armies in order to gain control of that particular warlord’s region of land. Players will not only need to lead their samurai army into battle and win, but will also need to maintain diplomatic relations with the regions taken over and other regions who join via diplomacy instead of being conquered.

On top of all of those activities, you’ll also need to build up and strengthen your own region as well. This comes in a variety of ways including using trade and other options to build up your resources, which you can then use to build up your town and army. In total, there is over 200 different samurai, all of which actually use images of actual samurai for ancient times. There’s also 200 treasure items to collect, which help boost your army in different ways.

If you’re into tactical strategy games, or just like samurai, you may want to check out this game. The Samurai Wars is available off of Google Play for free, and does contain ads, as well as optional IAPs.

Google Play: The Samurai Wars

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