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Skip the filler and take the fight to the real enemy in Evil Factory, now available

You were sick and you were tired, you said to yourself one lonely afternoon, of having to slog through masses of filler mobs on your phone just to get to the real fight. You just wanted to face off against the end-level bosses, you remarked in a low voice as you sat alone on your couch. Little did you know that you weren’t actually alone. Nexon Corporation was there, sci-fi villain-style, listening to you unleash your woes through your smartphone’s mic, but unlike a sci-fi villain, it was scrambling all of its manpower and resources to come up with a solution to help you. That solution turned out to be Evil Factory, which ensures that you skip the filler and get to the killer (bosses).

Maybe I should clarify: Nexon wasn’t actually listening to you through your phone. But Evil Factory does cut through the padding and delivers only the meat of the experience: fighting big, bad bosses. Strange, twisted bosses, each one more menacing than the last (Nexon’s own words), but paradoxically charming in all of their retro 8-bit glory. And how do you take down these pixelated villains? By amassing tons of loot, of course! Specifically, guns—lots of guns—and helmets. Guns come in all crazy shapes and sizes to make bringing down bosses as satisfyingly violent as possible, while helmets … umm … they protect your head, I guess? They do give various boosts in battle as well. The cool factor doesn’t stop at a massive weapons arsenal: the Arcade Room allows you to use any cartridges you find on your boss-blasting adventures to unlock appropriately retro, arcade-inspired games that you can replay over and over again. It’s like your 80’s childhood dreams come true!

If you are of the persuasion that life is too short to fight anything not labeled a “boss”, and you are 10 or older, put on your favorite gun and helmet combination and step through the doors of Evil Factory free of charge. Of course, as the saying (somewhat) goes, nothing in life is truly free, so expect in-app purchases in the 99-cent to 99-dollar range; as an added note, some players have left reviews complaining about the game’s restricting energy-based gameplay (seems like there is a small villainous side to them after all …).

Google Play: Evil Factory

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