Day: 3 February 2017


Use hunted mutants as ingredients for food in Gunman Taco Truck, now available from Google Play

Released by Romero Games Ltd, Gunman Taco Truck is a cooking sim, in a looser sense. Set in the year 2020 after several nuclear bombs have been accidentally detonated, players will be driving the eponymous Taco Truck, trying to head to safety. Beginning in the southwest, players will hop from one city to the next, as they work their way north, into Canada, beginning in San Diego. Players will be charged with making tacos in a given city, in order to generate cash.


Assemble a team of heroes and craft items in Dungeon Rushers, coming to Android later this month.

Fans of Dungeon Crawlers may want to take a look at this upcoming entrant into the fold: dubbed Dungeon Rushers, this is a game that focuses on turn based combat, crafting items, and even level editing. The game is based around the story of Elian, a professional toilet cleaner. He is dissatisfied with his life, and is aspiring for more. Thus, he elects to join a community of dungeon looters, where he falls in with other colorful characters that seek to end the monopolization of said dungeons by an sinister corporation.


Plague Inc’s upcoming companion app allows your creations to go viral

What’s more exciting than creating your very own infectious disease and unleashing it upon an unsuspecting populace? Being freed from the constraints of The Man’s rules, allowing you to come up with the craziest disease scenarios possible, of course! What about watching your friends as well as strangers panic as they futilely attempt to take on those scenarios? Sounds fun as well, you say? Then the upcoming Scenario Creator for the uber-popular Plague Inc is just what the doctor recommends!