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Assemble a team of heroes and craft items in Dungeon Rushers, coming to Android later this month.

Dungeon Rushers Android

Fans of Dungeon Crawlers may want to take a look at this upcoming entrant into the fold: dubbed Dungeon Rushers, this is a game that focuses on turn based combat, crafting items, and even level editing. The game is based around the story of Elian, a professional toilet cleaner. He is dissatisfied with his life, and is aspiring for more. Thus, he elects to join a community of dungeon looters, where he falls in with other colorful characters that seek to end the monopolization of said dungeons by an sinister corporation.

In order to raid a dungeon and loot its treasures, players will need to manage their heroes. They will select which ones they want to participate in the raid, and face off against traps, monsters, etc. These same heroes will also need to be evolved, to keep up with the dangers that they will face throughout the game. Players will also be able to advance their crafting skills (of which there are a total of six levels), by making more items from the various components that are found within the dungeons. The game will also contain a level editor, where players can not only create their own dungeons, but will be able to share them and play through those made by others. In order to see how a given player ranks, there’s even a global leaderboard so you’ll know exactly where you stand, for better or worse.

Dungeon Rushers Features:

– Campaign mode full of humor with various sound and graphic environments
– Interactive exploration system
– Revised turn-based fights with a hint of nostalgia
– Advanced team management (equipment, skills upgrade, in-fight position, …)
– Wide range of skills to use (scout, heals, dodge, trap deactivation, monsters stalking)
– Crafting system featuring many recipes to unlock
– High replay value with a Heroic difficulty for each dungeon
– Online arena system with matchmaking and ranking
– Battles among friends, to die against people you love
– Epic custom-made soundtrack

Dungeon Rushers is slated to be released on February 23rd. On Steam, from where it’s being ported, the game sells for $14.99. While there is no announcement on the Android pricing, Mi-Clos tends to sell premium games, so my guess would be that this trend will hold here.

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