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Titan Quest Hacks & Slashes its Price on Android for the First Time

DotEmu’s port of the colossal classic action RPG Titan Quest, a tremendous hack and slash game about gods and men teaming up to stop the rampaging titans from destroying the Earth, has received a 40% discount, cutting the price down to $4.99.

This return to the ancient Greek world through the port of a decade old game does have some small flaws, but it still remains one of the best, and biggest, action RPG experiences available on Android devices.  The new user interface is wonderful, the controls are superb, and the inclusion of an instant portal to and from town is a brilliant improvement. 

Titan Quest is currently $4.99 on Google Play

Offer ends on Feb. 15th 2017. Buyers beware though, the monstrous install base is an aptly-sized titanic 1.32gigs.

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