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Batman: Arkham Underworld Sneaks onto Android Devices

Developer Turbine’s tie-in to the tremendously popular Batman Arkham series by Rocksteady, has finally made its way to Android devices.  Over 6 months after Batman: Arkham Underworld appeared on the iOS stores, we too can now enjoy being the bad guys in the free-to-play game combination of base management and top-down tactics by taking on the role of one of the Dark Knight’s infamous Rogue’s Gallery.

Whether you want to play as The Riddler, Harley Quinn, Scarecrow, or other iconic super villain of your choice, it doesn’t matter, your goal is the same.  You must build up your criminal empire and take over the Gotham City’s underworld.  Players have to build up and design their own hideouts which will need to be filled with defensive security equipment, dangerous traps, and even an army of henchmen you can train.  For the impatient, all of this can be sped up through heavily encouraged (continuous pop-ups, time and storage capacity limits, etc.) use of in-app purchases.

To become the ultimate crime lord, players must complete story missions and PvP raids across Gotham City, while also defending their own turf.  Plan a bank heist, free other super villains, storm other player’s hideouts, and occasionally ward of the Batman himself.  This will earn reputation, money, and allow players to start their own crime syndicate to increase support and ability to gain even more power among the criminal underworld and level up their chosen super villains on the way to the top.

Do you have what it takes to be Gotham City’s ultimate criminal mastermind?

Google Play: Batman: Arkham Underworld 

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