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[GDC 2017] Developers can now hold more obvious sales and other Google Play improvements

Today during GDC 2017 Google went over a couple of new features that will be beneficial for both developers and consumers when using Google Play. The most obvious change, which will be visible in each Google Play listing, is a strikethrough price when an application or game goes on sale. This is in order to make it more obvious to consumers when a game or app is on sale, instead of having to rely on a developer posting it in the game’s description. There will also be a little note that sale when the sale will be ending.

The other change is mainly for developers and focuses on improving game discoverability on Google Play for their products. However, it is more focused on games that have ‘strong user retention and user engagement’ numbers will be more featured on Google Play than games that do not. How this will actually work out remains to be see as they are plenty of good games from indie developers that may remain in the shadows of popular titles and this type of change really won’t help them that much if at all.

The last improvement coming is the addition of editorial pages. These will feature hand-picked games, more than likely from Google Play staff, and each section will have those pages with their game selections available for that particular genre of game.

All of these changes should start becoming available as of today, and you should already be seeing strikethrough pricing showing up on games that are now on sale.

Source: Engadget

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