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Pokemon GO has three big updates planned for 2017 already

While we are covering GDC 2017, Mobile World Congress 2017 in currently underway at the same time over in Barcelona, and for some reason Niantic Labs is there talking about future plans of Pokemon GO. These plans include three, already planned, big updates.

Unfortunately Niantic CEO John Hanke didn’t go into too much more detail than that but from what we know is already slated to be making its way to Pokemon GO, we can safely bet that Pokemon trading and better PvP systems are two of the bigger features coming to the game in these updates. Apparently a new gym system is also being talked about.

Back in October news came out that Pokemon trading between players is something the company has been looking into. Along with that, a better way for players to fight each other was also on the bill for being added to the game. However it appears that the trading part has been pushed a little down the priority list, so if these big updates are going to be these features, we should see the PvP and new gym system showing up first.

Whatever arrives first, all of these are very much needed if this game is going to continue to succeed. PvP in the world should have already been in the game, along with player Pokemon trading. When we learn more, we will post an update.

Website Referenced: BGR

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