Day: 2 March 2017


A Sequel to Slaughter is on the Way!

Ray Spark (aka Venomized Art), the developer of the fun-as-hell 3rd person shooter game Slaughter, has announced that he’s been working on a sequel! Currently, Slaughter 2 is still in early development, but it’s been revealed that in the new game the player-protagonist will this time be one of the special forces soldiers that shot at Russel (the player-character in the first installment) and is pictured below.


[Update: Globally Released] Lead a team of aliens to release others from their human captors in Agent Aliens, now in beta on Google Play

To be released by Indigo Entertainment, Agent Aliens is a new “arcade style, run and gun game” that’s coming to Android, that spoofs on the show a little bit, in it’s name and some of the tutorial’s visuals. Currently in a beta state available on Google Play, this game is designed to be fairly simple and quick of pace. The crew of aliens that players will control are in charge of things such as returning fire, aiming, and cool down periods. On the other hand, players will have direct control over movement related mechanics, such as dodging fire, weaving through enemies, and avoiding traps.