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One-Tap Platformer Yeah Bunny Hopping onto Android Devices in the Near Future

A young Polish indie developer named Adrian is currently making a gorgeous pixel-art one-tap platformer called Yeah Bunny.  Following a release on iOS, he’ll be focusing on making a version for Android and a release on the Google Play store.

Its a simple game much like Nitrome’s Leap Day, with the player controlling a bunny with jumps and double-jumps by tapping the screen, and the direction you are heading changes when you strike a wall.  Not to be confused with the typical endless runners we see too often, Yeah Bunny will have about 50 levels and boss battles at the end of each world.  Players must also collect all the keys in each level of a world before being able to proceed to the next one.

Adrian’s goal is to make Yeah Bunny completely free to play.  It’ll have a method of developer support that lets the player decide to either watch ads or buy IAPs, but they won’t be necessary at all.  Yeah Bunny does not have a release date yet, but we’ll keep readers posted as new comes in.

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