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Explore your nightmarish surroundings in Reporter, now out on Google Play

Released by AGaming+, Reporter is a new atmospheric horror game that’s been released on Android. In this game, players will assume a role that’s something of a blank slate.

The game begins with players awakening on the floor of a bathroom, within a hotel of sorts. After poking around and finding a smartphone that is used en lieu of a flashlight, players will begin to reach out and assess their surroundings.
There are objects that can be manipulated, as well as a log book that fills with clues as the game progresses. From this log book, it’s learned at the start of the game that the character has received a head wound, which may or may not play into the horrific images that are flashed in front of the character, or the sounds such as creaking floor boards that don’t seem to come from any one position. It also explains why there’s no prologue. To further this ambiguity, the hotel is set in a town that’s been suffering from murders without answers, and authorities that may be obscuring what explanations there are.

Players will be using touch and swipe gestures to navigate this game, look around, and select objects to inspect. The game’s Google Play page recommends playing in the dark, and with headphones, to add to the game’s immersion. 
Reporter is 99 cents on Google Play

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