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Guns and Spurs Remastered Moseys into the Android Saloon March 25th

Originally developed as a simple Gamemaker title 2010, Sakis 25 has completely rebuilt his open world western Guns and Spurs with the Unity 3D engine for mobile markets.

Players will be wearing the boots of Johnny, a lonely cowboy on a bloody quest of vengeance for the death of his wife.  This grim mission will have you traversing across the dusty west completing horse racing events, “Quick-Draw” mini games, Wanted missions, and collecting new weapons to put enemies into pine-boxes with.

Sakis 25 has added the old western hallmark of freedom to explore.  One of the new features includes building you can actually enter.   So if you’re looking for a shot of whiskey after a close call during a shootout?  Hit up a saloon.  Pistol not up to the task?  A trip to a gun shop will be in order.  Want to hunker down for the night?  There are now safe-houses scattered around the map.  It’s a small touch that adds a lot of depth to the open world feel in the game.

With the recent Red Dead Redemption 2 hype and the popularity of HBO’s Westworld, the timing of Sakis 25’s remaster and re-release of Guns and Spurs Remastered is aptly timed.  Fans of western games should keep their rifles aimed at this title.

Guns and Spurs will be free to play with advertisements on March 25th, and an IAP will be available to remove the ads.

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