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Retro Action-Platformer Get Me Outta Here Could be Coming to Android Devices

Publisher Crescent Moon Games looks to be possibly bringing the Rossman Bros. current project, Get Me Outta Here, to Android devices.
Get Me Outta Here is a hilarious action-platforming game featuring an old. bald farmer abducted by aliens.  Suited up in only a hospital gown and a stolen alien weapon he must fight his way through hordes of enemies in the hope that rescuers may come.  Be prepared to fend off armies of outrageous enemies such as aliens with blasters, laser-sword wielding clowns, and even your own cow, weaponized with udders like a milk-shooting Gatling gun!

Taking some inspiration from classic action-platformer Contra, the Rossman Bros. have put a uniquely humorous spin on the gameplay, as well as adding a couple new mechanics to the genre.  Firstly, they’ve added a roll that allows for some extra strategy in avoiding damage.  Then the weapon has both an overheating meter, and some kickback.  Which means players will need to be slightly more aware of how they use the alien blaster.  It may seem small, and yet these could be very effecting mechanical changes to a traditional genre making it that much more special of a game.

Get Me Outta Here will be free to play, with ads.  Although it will also feature an IAP to make the game a premium title to remove all ads.

The Rossman Bros. says that while the iOS version is “coming soon,” the Android version is still possible.  It currently has some kinks in it, but if they get worked out the game will be released.

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