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Defend the World from Alien Invaders in 8-Bit Platformer ReturnState

Inspired by the side-scrolling platformers of yesteryear, indie developer Jason Cecrle has brought us an 8-bit gem reminiscent of those days with his game ReturnState.

ReturnState is the story of Neon, a lone hero set on defending the planet from an army of evil aliens led by the nefarious General Tork. As the mercenary Neon, players must, run, jump, and slay monsters in order to return the world to its former glory.

This action-adventure homage looks and sounds exactly like the NES games it is modeled after, even down to the virtual D-pad and 2 button control scheme. With the heavy Castlevania feel, this is an indie title not to be missed.  It looks like the perfect title to fulfill that old school gaming urge.

It currently is only in English, but will be receiving localization in other languages, as well as controller support in future updates. He’s also said the game will be getting more secrets, cheats, and even an alternate retro color palette!

ReturnState can be found exclusively on Google Play for $4.99.

NOTE: ReturnState requires a minimum screen resolution of 960 x 540. So it might be playable at lower resolutions, but it isn’t officially supported.

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