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Destroy waves of enemies coming from all directions in Virexian, now out on Google Play

Released by First Mutant, Virexian is a new dual stick shooter for the Android Platform. In this game, players will control a single robot that is out to survive the onslaught of hostile robots that are gunning for its destruction.

Players will control the robot, and try to survive individual missions, with differing parameters. For example, I noticed that one mission might be to wipe out all the enemies, while another was simply to survive until the timer expired, with no limit to the number of enemies. There are a bevy of weapons available within the game, that range from missiles to rail guns, and players can toggle between their standard cannon, and the one secondary weapon they choose to have equipped.

The game uses a mix of virtual buttons for things like toggling which weapon is used, or for activating a short burst of speed, while floating controls/gestures are used for more directional controls such as movement or firing. The game has a retro flair for its graphics and soundtrack, with bright colors and simple shapes over a black background for the former, and a chiptune soundtrack for the latter.


– Over 50 weapons along with numerous upgrades and variations to frame and movement modules, diversifying play styles across runs by changing the way you deal damage, move around and resist enemy attacks.
– Dynamic level generation that guarantees that no two levels are the same. Areas can be narrow and favor close range combat or large and leaving you without cover, or anything in between. Adjust your approach to your surroundings to get as far as possible.
– Controls are specifically designed to be simple and direct on a touch screen. Easy to learn, difficult to master.
– Large variation on enemies and numerous bosses. The difficulty increases as the game progresses, making the enemies more aggressive and powerful.
– Five original music tracks composed by chiptune artist Starving GOGO on genuine old school gaming hardware.
– Minimalistic art style that mixes new with old, and renders everything easily readable due to vibrant colors and distinct shapes, even when the entire screen is covered with bullets.

Virexian is currently available from Google Play. The game can be downloaded and played through the first few levels for free, and there’s a single IAP to unlock the full game for $1.99. Check out the trailer below, to see more of the game in action.

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