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Enjoy vehicular combat in Crash of Cars Currently Soft Launched in Canada on Google Play

Developer Not Doppler’s Crash of Cars is a new vehicular combat game that’s been released on Android. In this game, players will be tasked with destroying the cars of their opponents, and collecting the rewards that drop, in a .io format.

Players will be facing off in an arena/derby fashion, with the idea that every time a car is destroyed, it leaves behind crown tokens, as a reward for those nearby. The twist is that, as players collect more of these crowns, the bounty that is associated with that player goes up, thus incentivizing other players to pursue them; in short, the better you play, the more desirable a target you become. Said number resides over the top of every vehicle, so players will know who has the most crowns to lose, and thus the largest drop that’s worth fighting for. As players accrue crowns, they are rewarded with coins that can be used for unlocking additional vehicles and increase the size of their fleet, or skins to customize the appearance of the vehicles they already have. During the matches, players will have a variety of weapons available (fired via a virtual button) to them that range from trebuchets to flame throwers, cannons, et al, and even have the option to “drop” some of them, like the flamethrower that will continue to burn and damage other cars that drive near it.

Players will be using simple touch controls to navigate combat; tap and hold on one side of the screen will cause the vehicle to drive in that respective direction, while holding down on both sides, will activate the brakes, and begin driving in reverse.


– 4 playable maps, from a boardwalk amusement park, to the out-of-this-world Moon
– 32 unlockable vehicles and over 30 skins. (The pepperoni skin on the Camper Van is quite a tasty choice)
– 16 upgrade-able power-ups including a flamethrower, cannon, trebuchet, and more.
– .io style multiplayer. No lobbies or wait times to join matches.
– Play with friends feature. There’s nothing more satisfying than destroying your friends 🙂
– Daily Mission System
– Hourly Leaderboards – how high can you climb?
– Single Player Mode also available for those who wish to play offline

Crash of Cars is available in Canada on Google Play. It’s free-to-play with ads or IAPs.

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