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Overwatch, Starcraft, or Diablo? – 4 Blizzard IPs we want to see on Android

Blizzard on mobile

Take a glance on the official Blizzard site, and you’ll see a very interesting job listing. The publisher of the world’s most addictive games is seeking a Software Engineer to assist with mobile development efforts.

To date, Blizzard has only released the the enormously successful card battler Hearthstone on mobile. But what’s next? Glance at Blizzard’s IPs and a few do pop out as being mobile friendly.

We’ve rounded up what we want to see on mobile most, but if we’ve missed a glaring one feel free to shout at us in the comments.


Given that the universe already exists on mobile thanks to Hearthstone, it’s not that much of a stretch to imagine Warcraft making a resurgence here.

Warcraft 3

Clash of Clans style city builder with a side of gacha hero collection? With the force of the brand behind it, that just screams money making machine.

Of course, you could just remaster the original trilogy. Or give us DOTA. We certainly wouldn’t complain about either.


Dungeon Hunter has had it way too easy for too long. Let’s have the true king of hack and slashers on mobile in the form of a proper, premium Diablo.

Diablo 3 Blizzard

We want co-op and multiplayer, offline-friendly, an unacceptable amount of loot, and all of our favourite classes. Give us what we want, and we’ll give you all of our money. Just take it.


Starcraft is the most likely – we’re calling it now. Why? Because Blizzard is already working on a remaster of the original, and given the success of remasters on mobile it just makes so much sense.

Much like Warcraft, you could also make an entirely new entry on mobile. It’s a total shoe-in already. But our money’s on that remaster.

Starcraft 2 Blizzard


Possibly the unlikeliest entry here, but also the most desirable – Overwatch does have a few elements that make it a solid fit on mobile. It’s a hero shooter, for one, and mobile is all about the hero collection right now.

Don’t make it a first person shooter though – that ship has well and truly sailed on mobile. Let’s just have a nice, isometric multiplayer shooter with the exact same gameplay.

Winner winner, chicken dinner.

Overwatch Blizzard

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