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PlayMobo is an awesome one-stop shop for mobile gamers

There are hundreds of thousands of games on the Google Play store, and every week another few dozen are added to the pile. Finding something you like in this endless cascade of content is next to impossible.

All you can really do is look at the charts to see what other people are playing, and it seems like they’re always playing the same few games, meaning the vast majority of what’s available on Google Play is lost somewhere in the crowd.

Easy navigation

PlayMobo lets you navigate the crowd in a number of ingenious ways. For one, you can create personalised lists, meaning you’ll never miss any news stories, strategy guides, or updates about your favourite games.

You’ll also get the chance to earn gift packs and Amazon gift cards by redeeming PlayMobo feature points, which you earn by doing stuff like downloading games, carrying out tasks within games, and so on. This is a great way of getting more out of your games.

Not only that, but the app also gives each game a comments section, allowing you to share thoughts, strategies, and recommendations with other players, giving you a handy platform for promoting games you enjoy or discovering new games through like-minded players.

Separating the wheat from the chaff

Of course, PlayMobo uses traditional methods of highlighting great games along with its more innovative ones.

A team of editors pick out and review games that they think PlayMobo’s users will enjoy, and a full suite of charts will give you an overview of what’s hot at a glance.

In a nutshell, PlayMobo combines the functionality of Google Play with a suite of other features so that you never have to go trawling around review sites, forums, and social media looking for the best games for your mobile phone or tablet.

You can download the PlayMobo app from Google Play now [get], and an iOS version will be along soon.

This post is sponsored by PlayMobo.


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