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Titanfall: Assault is an upcoming RTS based on the shooty console franchise

Titanfall: Assault

Titanfall is coming to mobile! No, really this time – Respawn Entertainment announced Titanfall: Assault yesterday, a Clash Royale-style RTS.

You’ll build a deck of Pilot, Titan, and Burn (basically spell) cards, then take them into battle. You’ll fight in a variety of different locations, with the objective to take a bunch of strategic locations.

Basically, this is Clash Royale with a different skin. You’ll collect and upgrade cards, choose a deck, and chuck robots into battle.

Titanfall: Assault

Titanfall: Assault is gorgeous

Titanfall: Assault is a real looker. Take a quick glance at the screenshots and you’ll witness some beautiful 3D visuals.

We’re not sure about you, but we praise the move away from card battler and match three tie ins. This approach works within the universe of Titanfall and we’re all for it.

Now, give it to us soon please Respawn.


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