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The Sims Mobile is a brand new entry in the franchise, in soft launch on Android right now

The Sims Mobile

The Sims is back in an exclusive mobile entry, and you can grab the soft launch version right now. It’s only out in Brazil, but if you can get an account from that region you can also join in.

If you’ve played The Sims 4, you’ll notice that the mobile iteration takes its cues from the Legacy Challenge. Your goal is to build a family and support them through many generations, and you’ll earn trophies for doing so.

These trophies offer special perks that help your sims achieve their life goals. That’s pretty nice.

The Sims Mobile in every sense

The best part is that there’s a multiplayer component. You can host a party and have a bunch of your friends’ sims attend. If they then get on like a house on fire, they’ll be friends for life. They might even start a romantic relationship.

The Sims Mobile will officially launch “soon”, according to the press release. So if you can’t grab the Brazilian soft launch version on Google Play, chances are you won’t wait long.

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