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The top 5 Android stories on Droid Gamers this week

The Sims Mobile Android

Another week, a ton more awesome Android news on Droid Gamers. This week was particularly special as well, with a focus on exciting games coming soon to the platform.

Those of you with a job or generally busy life may not have had time to keep up though. We can’t blame you. That’s why we’ve opted to provide this round up of just the best stories.

The Sims is back with a mobile exclusive entry coming soon

This came out of nowhere – a brand new entry of The Sims exclusively for mobile. It’s based on the Legacy Challenge from the fourth game, with you having to build a multi-generational family.

If you live in Brazil, or have a Google Play account for that region, you can play the soft launch version right now.

The Sims Mobile

League of Legends launched in certain territories as Strike of Kings

Strike of Kings is a mobile adaptation of League of Legends. It’s been out in China for some time now, but has only just made the move west in certain territories.

It’s League as you know and love it, just more suited to bite sized play. There’s a touch-focused control scheme as well, and DC heroes have started to make an appearance.

It’s available right now in a few territories so check Google Play to see if you can play it.

Strike of Kings

Clash Royale and tower defence combined in Survival Arena

Game Insight went where no developer had gone before this week with Survival Arena. It’s a brand new competitive multiplayer game that combines Clash Royale-style arena battling with tower defence.

Single player is your traditional tower defence gameplay, while multiplayer is more like Clash Royale. You build a deck of cards as usual, but have to balance attacking your enemy’s base with heroes while defending your own with towers.

You can check it out right now on Google Play.

Survival Arena

PES 2017 is on its way to mobile, and you can pre-register now

PES 2017 was announced this week for a mobile release, and you can pre-register right now.

We’ve had a brief play of an early version and it plays an awful lot like the PES you know and love. It’s got a decent engine, nice visuals, and a smart touch control scheme. It allows you to perform actions easily, but contains a lot of depth.

PES 2017

Titanfall: Assault soft launched in the Philippines

Yet another Clash Royale-style arena battler soft launched on Android this week, except this one was based on Titanfall.

Assault varies up the play by only offering a single lane to attack down, and a few different objectives to achieve. It’s on Google Play right now in the Philippines if you’d like to check it out.

Titanfall: Assault

Did we miss any massive Android news this week? Shout at us in the comments and we’ll try and include it in tomorrow’s round up.

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