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Subdivision Infinity is a massive space shooter landing on Android soon

Subdivision Infinity

Subdivision Infinity is a vast space shooter hurtling its way towards Android. You’ll build and upgrade your own ship then explore a gorgeous 3D space at your leisure.

You’ll most likely tackle the main storyline first, which contains a whopping 40 missions set over five galactic locales. As you can expect from a shooter of this ilk. you’ll take on a bunch of bosses over the course of your adventure.

Subdivision Infinity… and beyond!

But there’s an absolute wealth of content to tackle on the side. You’ll search deep space for blueprints to upgrade your ship, mine asteroids for resources, or hone your skills by seeking out battle.

Building and honing your ship will likely take up the meat of your adventure. There’s just so much variation on offer, from ships to weapons. Crafters will be in heaven.

There’s still a little time to wait for Subdivision Infinity though, as it’s not set to launch for a month or so. If you’re hungry for more info, check out the official site in the meantime.

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