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5 Android stories you should have read this week

Clash of Clans

Love or hate them, you can’t deny that Gameloft draws the Android crowds. Two of our top five stories featured games by the developer, and it seems you can’t wait to play them.

The remaining stories were a mixture of releases (upcoming and out now) and updates. We’re not one to spoiler though, so we’ll let you read on to learn about it for yourself.

So grab yourself a coffee and relax into Sunday with these top five stories you should have read this week.

The biggest Android story of the week: Clash of Clans received a massive new update

Clash of Clans is far from dead. Mobile’s leading lady just got a massive update that invites players to sail across the sea to an entirely new territory. Here you’ll find new units, buildings, and game modes – exactly what a Clash player needs and deserves.

Check out the Builder’s Base for yourself by grabbing Clash of Clans from Google Play right now.

Zelda has a mobile contender in Cat Quest

Up until this point, Cat Quest had been all talk. Developer Gentlebros touted a mix of ZeldaFinal Fantasy, and Skyrim whenever it was mentioned, but we were yet to see any of it.

This week, a gameplay trailer finally made us shut our dumb doubting mouths. Cat Quest looks the real deal, and if you don’t believe us you can watch the full trailer below.

Gameloft’s take on Left 4 Dead, Dead Rivals, got a gameplay reveal

Speaking of reveals, Gameloft showed off the upcoming Left 4 Dead-like Dead Rivals to us in video form. It looks the real deal with a bunch of different characters, environments, and zombie types. The influence is clear to see.

Check out the gameplay trailer below, or the full story by clicking the subheader.

Asphalt Street Storm pre-registration opened, and you can bag some big rewards

Asphalt Street Storm is the latest entry in Gameloft’s racing franchise, and it takes things to the streets. Out go the Burnout-style takedowns, and in come a focus on gear changes. This is drag racing like Fast and Furious did it in the early noughties.

Check out the gameplay trailer below, and pre-register by reading the full story above.

Zombie Gunship Survival finally launched

The highly anticipated follow up to Zombie Gunship finally launched on Android this week. So if you’ve been hankering for more undead-slaying fun from the safety of a helicopter, this one’s for you.

Go and grab it right now from Google Play or watch the video below to learn more about it.

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