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Fancy Pants Adventures has finally landed on Android with full controller support

Fancy Pants Adventures

Now kids, back in my day when we were bored at school we’d have to play flash games. We didn’t have fancy smartphones or Pokemon GO, we had to boot up a PC and play games over dial-up.

One of the best of those games was Fancy Pants Adventures, a Rayman-like platformer that focused on stylish jumping. It was a little bit silly and bonkers.

And now we can all enjoy it, as Fancy Pants Adventures has finally launched on Android.

Fancy Pants Adventures

If you’ve played any mobile platformers, you’ll know the drill here. You run and jump your way around a variety of levels, grabbing items dotted about.

The eponymous Fancy Pants is a little more dextrous than your average hero though, and is a bit of a parkour wizard. So you’ll backflip and dropkick to your heart’s content.

Your goal is to rescue your sister, which will take you to a variety of different locations from forests, to underwater caverns, and even pirate ships.

There’s a lot to unlock and collect as well. You’ll find a bunch of different melee weapons to wield, hats to wear, and even fancier pants to don.

With full gamepad support, there really is no excuse to check out Fancy Pants Adventures on Google Play right now.

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