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Pokeland is a more traditional Pokemon game coming soon to Android, sign up for the alpha now


Hold your breaths – a brand new Pokemon game is coming soon to Android called Pokeland, and it plays more like a traditional Pokemon game.

Thanks to the breakout success of Pokemon GO last year, Pokemon is all the rage again. Not that it ever wasn’t, mind, but you get the point.

We’ve had ShuffleGo, Duel, and Magikarp Jump  – all of which were excellent spins on the traditional format. Next up though, we’re getting the closest to a proper Pokemon game yet.


Enter Pokeland, a game that challenges you to catch ’em all over again, and battle other monsters across a variety of different islands. We’re not completely sure how that will work, but if you can read Japanese you can learn more on the official site.

You can sign up for the Japanese alpha right now, if you don’t mind playing without English. It will run until June 9th, at which point it will hopefully open up internationally.

We’ll keep you posted as more information is released, but this one sure looks pretty exciting.

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