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inkle’s epic gamebook adventure Sorcery! is free right now only on Android


If you grew up reading books that required you to have dice handy, then you need to check out Sorcery! It’s an epic gamebook by inkle, and you have no excuse not to try it as its free right now.

Sorcery! takes you on an adventure across the Shamutanti Hills, where you’ll battle monsters, make difficult decisions, and learn interesting spells.

It’s still very much a gamebook, with the vast majority of your actions getting displayed as text instead of visual. But there’s also a beautiful map to traverse, wonderful hand-drawn images, and real time battle sequences.


So it basically takes the best of both worlds to create the ultimate way to experience a gamebook on your phone.

To really drive home just how great it is, Sorcery! is the brainchild of by Steve Jackson, co-founder of Lionhead Studios, and was published by master of gamebooks inkle.

Former Fighting Fantasy and Games Workshop staff also made up the development team. That’s a real dream team right there.

The best part is that Sorcery! is currently completely free on Google Play, so you have no excuse not to try it. We’re not entirely sure if this is permanent, but grab it right now just in case.

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