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9 new Android games you have to play this week

Crazy Taxi Gazillionaire

It’s been a bit quiet on the Android front this week, but we’ve been due one. The last few weeks have been incredible for new releases, and Google Play deserves a bit of a rest.

That’s not to say there’s nothing new to play though. We’ve scoured Google Play for new releases and found a whopping nine great games to play over the weekend.

So grab a beer and relax into the weekend with this excellent batch of Android gaming.

The best new Android game this week: Crazy Taxi Gazillionaire

Let’s be honest – Sega’s mobile contribution thus far has been a bit naff. The focus has been primarily on ports which, aside from the two excellent Sonic racers, don’t really work on mobile.

But Sega’s stepped forward with a brand new manifesto: to make mobile-exclusive games that work with the franchises. The first of these is the excellent Crazy Taxi Gazillionaire.

Essentially, it’s a clicker. You buy taxis and hire drivers, then send them around the city picking up clients and dropping them off at their destinations.

This is Crazy Taxi though, so they won’t play it safe. In fact, you get more money the more destruction they cause on the way.

You can also perform stunts, pop blimps, and pick up VIPs to earn more cash.

You’ll likely spend more time outside of the game though, and you can keep earning money by upgrading your drivers and their vehicles. This portion of the game is more like a traditional clicker.

If you like Crazy Taxi or clickers, this is well worth checking out on Google Play right now.

Epic Little War Game

Epic Little War Game is the latest entry in the tiny mobile strategy franchise. Except, this entry is anything but little. There’s a ton of single player modes to take part in, as well as cooperative and PvP modes.

It’s still as you know and love it though, with a variety of environments to do turn-based battling in. Grab it on Google Play right now.

Mushroom Heroes

Mushroom Heroes borrows heavily from Trine and The Lost Vikings to provide a bunch of puzzle platform levels. You control three different characters and have to use their unique abilities to complete each level.

If you like your platformers, this is the one to check out this week. Grab it right now on Google Play.

The Frankenstein Wars

The Frankenstein Wars is a narrative adventure in which you take charge of brothers Tom and Anton who are tasked with protecting Frankenstein’s resurrection technology.

You can affect the story as it goes along, and decide whether the brothers remain allies or become enemies. There’s a lot going on here, and tons of replayability. Grab it right now on Google Play.

Bouncy Hoops

Bouncy Hoops is a very simple high score chaser that takes the mechanic of Flappy Bird but tasks you with sinking hoops instead. You tap to bounce a basketball and try and get it into the next. Do so without hitting the rim and you’ll get more points.

And that’s about all there is to it. Grab it now on Google Play.

SUP Multiplayer Racing

SUP Multiplayer Racing is a quick drag racing experience. You tap to drive, and use the virtual controls to change lanes and boost.

You’re playing against other players so you have to do what you can to win – whether that’s knock them off the track or outrace them.

It’s gorgeous, there are a ton of vehicles to unlock, and you can upgrade everything to give yourself a better chance of winning. Grab it on Google Play right now.

Goat Simulator Payday

If you thought Goat Simulator couldn’t get any crazier, you thought wrong. Payday is a heist game in which you have to help a bunch of animals to steal a ton of cash. Then you’ll nick a car and make your escape.

It’s just completely insane, but if that’s up your street grab it on Google Play now.

Cubie Adventure

Cubie Adventure is an interesting blend of rhythm action and autorunner. You have to help the cute little cubie people make it to the end of a level, by tapping to jump and avoid obstacles.

You also have to tap to change direction, and you gain speed if you tap at the right moment. Chaining combos of perfect taps also helps fill up your boost meter, which lets you run much faster and smash through obstacles.

It’s certainly a bunch of fun so go and grab it on Google Play right now.

Blocky Pirates

Rounding up the best Android games this week is Blocky Pirates, a swashbuckling spin on Crossy Road. You help a pirate navigate a bunch of dangerous islands to get to the treasure, then travel between them on your pirate ship.

As you play, you’ll unlock new pirates and ships which keeps the experience fresh. Grab it on Google Play right now.

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