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Angry Birds Evolution is Pokemon for adults, out June 15th

Angry Birds Evolution Android

The birds have grown up and flown the nest in Angry Birds Evolution, an upcoming Pokemon style RPG. Those pesky pigs have invaded Bird Island, and its up to you to build a team of angry birds to stop them.

There are over 100 new birds to collect, and you can evolve each of them into their ultimate form. Ideally, you want a team of birds that compliment each other so you can breeze through battles.

Each of the five classes of bird have different strengths, weaknesses, and abilities, and you can only bring a limited number into battle. Be smart, and choose the right birds for the job, as you’ll face up to 90 different types of pigs.

Angry Birds Evolution

It’s not all battling though. You’ll spend a lot of time exploring Bird Island on your quest to defeat Bacon Corp. On your way you’ll join weekly events, battle players in the Oinktagon, and send scouts for extra rewards.

You can also play with friends by creating or joining a clan, then battle against others. It’s definitely worth doing as you’ll earn extra perks and unlock a chatroom to keep things social.

Angry Birds Evolution might well be the evolution the Angry Birds franchise has been waiting for. We don’t have long to find out either, as it launches this Thursday, June 15th on Google Play.

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