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South Park is coming to Android in Phone Destroyer

South Park: Phone Destroyer

Ubisoft was very generous at E3 this year, with a range of gaming goodies on display. We were most excited about South Park: Phone Destroyer though – a real time battler based on your favourite edgy cartoon.

There’s a lot of love for the platform and franchise here. It opens with Cartman FaceTiming you, demanding you don a cowboy costume and meet him outside. He then talks smack at a bunch of kids dressed in various costumes, with text displayed like an iMessage.

South Park: Phone Destroyer

It’s all a bit bonkers, as you can expect from South Park, but the battling system looks like a lot of fun. It takes its cues from Clash Royale, with you using cards to perform skills. There’s a cost to each card as well, and you only have 10 energy total.

In fact, it seems quite heavily inspired by Clash Royale, but combined with a JRPG. It’s essentially the ATB system made popular in the early Final Fantasies, but with recharging cards instead of skills.

That would make sense, given the move towards a JRPG style in the main console South Park games.

Either way, we can’t wait to check out this insanely funny game when it launches later this year. We’ll keep you posted, but you can read more information on the official site.

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