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PC MMORPG prequel ArcheAge Begins is in closed beta

Archeage Begins

ArcheAge Begins is a mobile prequel to the hugely popular PC MMORPG, out now in closed beta on Android.

You’ll witness events from 2,000 years prior to the original. But who really cares about the plot of an MMORPG? It’s all about the gameplay and multiplayer options.

You control up to four characters at once, directing them to attack enemies and use abilities. Characters come in a range of different classes, so building a party that works best for you is key.

ArcheAge Begins is out now in closed beta

Your goal is to conquer the world of Auroria in territory battle and become a liege lord. But you can also kick back and defeat a Raid Boss with friends, amongst other interesting modes.

There’s a trading system to dig into as well. You’ll fish and raise livestock, then use materials gained to create goods to trade. If you’re up for it, you can also raid other ships to steal their goods instead.

We’re not really sure how that plays, but it sounds like a lot of fun. ArcheAge Begins is available right now on Google Play, though the beta only runs until July 3rd.

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