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Clicker sequel Idle Empires is in beta right now

Idle Empires

Idle Empires is a direct sequel to the award winning clicker Idle Armies, and it just entered beta on Android.

Much like the original, Idle Empires has you tapping like mad to earn a horde of gold. You’ll then spend that on resource buildings like gold mines and prisons to get the money flowing while you’re away.

You’re not a nice leader though. No, you play as a dictator and actively make life worse for your subjects so you can earn more cash.

Idle Empires is out in beta on Android

You might even go so far as to kick off a war so you can invade your peaceful neighbours – that’s not very nice.

There are five different kingdoms to conquer, from a snowy stronghold to desert oasis. No matter where you are though, you’ll be a terrible person, raising an army of equally despicable human beings.

If that sounds like your cup of tea, go ahead and grab Idle Empires in open beta on Google Play right now.

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