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Shot Online Golf: World Championship is coming to mobile – join the beta right now

Golf in real life isn’t for everybody. While there’s a satisfaction to be had in guiding a tiny ball into an even tinier hole using a strange stick, it’s a hell lot of walking and looking for balls in ponds.

Virtual golf is so much better, and virtual golf doesn’t get much better than Shot Online, the PC golfing MMORPG that lets you play in real time against human opponents while levelling up your character and earning rewards.

Now, at last, Shot Online is coming to mobile in the form of Shot Online Golf: World Championship.

Tee time

For the first time ever you’ll be able to compete against thousands of real players on your iOS or Android device, visiting a variety of real and imaginary golf courses and taking part in a range of different events.

There’s a ton of stuff to do in Shot Online Golf, including the Betting Challenge, where you’ll be able to bet on yourself to win a one-on-one match with a human opponent and double your stake if you triumph.

Then there’s the Academy, where you’ll be able to do quests, upgrade your costumes, level up your clubs, and earn your Pro title as you strive to become the deadliest, most jacked up golfer on the planet.

Event Matches, meanwhile, will let you earn rewards by doing stuff like putting the most balls, smashing out the longest drive, and landing the ball closest to the pin.

You’ll also be able to earn prizes for playing a certain number of holes, or just logging in every day – all while unlocking skills, getting practice in, and generally making yourself unassailable.

Beta get involved

Shot Online Golf isn’t available just yet, but if you’re lucky you can get onto the closed beta by visiting the Shot Online Golf website and entering your details, remembering to choose iOS or Android as appropriate.

Not only will this allow you to play the game ahead of almost everybody else, but you’ll be able to earn rewards while you do it. The beta ends at 20:00 (UTC) on June 28th however, so you’d better sign up soon!

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