Game News is a mobile multiplayer battler with a froggy twist is yet another mobile multiplayer battler that takes inspiration from, but with a toad-aly great twist. You play as a teeny frog and have to hop about eating flies to grow in size.

Meanwhile, hundreds of other players from all over the world are doing the same to try and outgrow you. If they achieve that, they have a chance to squish you so you’ll have to start all over again.

The intuitive controls and rewarding gameplay of are easy to get to grips with. You simply have to tap on the screen to make your frog jump there, and it’ll automatically gobble up any nearby flies. You can also tap and hold to make your frog turn on the spot.

That simplicity leaves you to focus on what really matters – the minimap. You need to keep an eye on this as it’ll help you keep track of nearby frogs. It’s even colour-coordinated to help you avoid bigger frogs, chase down smaller ones, and find your friends. is out right now on Android – for free!

What’s the point in all this? To beat your friends, family, and rivals on the leaderboard of course. You can even add your friends and family in the game and work together if you prefer coop action to competitive. If you’re feeling brave you can even hunt down your rivals for bonus rewards.

You can also unlock a variety of new frog skins to show off your prowess in, and new frogs are added regularly so you can change up your design to keep things fresh.

But you’ll only achieve that if you master the various different strategies in the game. You can play it safe and stick to the edges of the arena gobbling up flies, or get right into the fray and squish some frogs. It’s entirely up to you.

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You can also keep up to date with the game through its Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram channels.

About Jadoku: A small indie development studio based in Scotland, United Kingdom. Jadoku came about when a few friends shared their common interest in development and technology, and decided to give it a go. A few years down the line they’re still going, and working hard to provide intuitive apps, games and software to the world in the hope that they can put a smile on at least one person’s face!

This article is sponsored by Jadoku.

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