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5 Android stories you should have read this week

Albion Online Android

Another week, another bunch of exciting Android happenings. This week saw a few solid releases, sales, and a look at some upcoming awesome games. There’s plenty to add to your calendar.

To help you make sense of the crazy week, we’ve compiled a handy list of the best releases below. So go and grab yourself a coffee, sit back, and relax into the weekend with Droid Gamers.

Mini DAYZ launched out of nowhere

We certainly weren’t expecting it, but this week saw Mini DAYZ launch out of nowhere on Android. It’s everything you want in a pared back version of the survival game as well. You’ll creep around, slay zombies, and gather resources to help you survive.

The only essential feature that’s missing is multiplayer, but it’s not a huge loss. There are plenty of AI survivors that give you a similar experience, with some friend and others foe. Go and grab it from Google Play now.

You’re running out of time to get the Albion Online Founder Pack

Albion Online is readying for launch, and you’re rapidly running out of time to get the Founder Pack. In fact, the Founder Pack offer runs out on July 9th so that leaves you with a day.

Grab it and you’ll earn a bunch of in game rewards, as well as the opportunity to get a week’s early access starting on July 10th. The game then launches to the public on July 17th. Grab your Founder Pack here.

Spelunky unofficially launched on Android

This week also saw Spelunky unofficially launch on Android. It’s not available on Google Play though, so you’ll have to grab the APK here. Aside from that, this is Spelunky as you know and love it.

That means brutally difficult platforming, battling enemies with a variety of weaponry, and traversing different environments. Everything’s random as well, so you’ll never play the same level twice.


Neon Chrome dropped to just over half price

Neon Chrome had its first sale this week, dropping to just over half price at $5.49/£4.99 on Google Play. If you don’t know what Neon Chrome is, it’s a gorgeous top down shooter with roguelike elements.

You spawn in a level with a random layout and have to shoot your way through a bunch of rooms to make it to the overseer. Kill him and you win. Along the way, you’ll pick up new items and upgrades which you can then take into every future game.

Tales of the Rays is coming west this summer

Tales of the Rays is an upcoming mobile exclusive entry in the JRPG franchise, and it’s launching in the west this summer. Unlike the previous mobile entry, Tales of LinkTales of the Rays is a more traditional franchise experience.

You’ll have fully 3D battles using the franchise’s famous combat system, there’s an actual plot, and characters from previous entries will make an appearance. This should be a good’un, so learn more here.

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