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Fightlings could be the Pokemon GO we actually wanted


Fightlings is an upcoming location based CCG that clearly takes inspiration from Pokemon GO, but aims to improve the formula.

Just like in Pokemon GO, you go for a lovely walk in the sunshine to collect creatures and resources. The type of resource you can collect changes depending on the weather and your surroundings as well, which is cool.

You can use resources to summon new creatures, and you increase in power each time you unlock a new one. There’s a ton of them as well. You’ve got six different factions, and 30 clans worth of digital monsters to collect.

Pokemon GO could have a Fightlings on its hands (sorry)

Here’s where it gets interesting though. You can challenge players from around the world to a duel. It’s not quite Pokemon style turn based creature battling though, and instead combines CCG and memory game mechanics.

It’s probably best if you watch the latest trailer above for an example of how it plays. Pretty cool stuff.

Fightlings is in soft launch on Google Play right now, and will launch in even more territories on July 18th. A global launch will hopefully follow shortly after, and we’ll keep you posted. For now you can learn more on the official site.

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