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Albion Online has finally launched on Android

Albion Online Android

The ambitious sandbox MMORPG Albion Online has finally launched on Android, following a lengthy beta period. You can grab the APK directly from the official site right now.

Albion Online is unique because it lets you live any type of virtual life you want to. You can still play it like a standard MMORPG, and run off and battle monsters like its going out of fashion.

If that’s not your cup of tea, you could instead live the life of a crafter. You’ll gather resources from the land and turn it into fancy armour and weapons, then sell it on for a profit to other players.

Albion Online has finally launched, following a lengthy beta

Here’s where it gets a little more ambitious though – you can also spend your time building cities and villages. When we said sandbox, we really meant it.

It’s also great that you can play Albion Online across PC, Mac, Linux, and, of course, Android. It’s all persistent as well – you’ll play alongside the same players in the same world no matter your device.

So go and grab the APK right now from the official site. Monster slaying, crafting, building, and epic PvP battles await.

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