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Layton’s Mystery Journey is out now and its expensive

Layton's Mystery Journey Android

Layton’s Mystery Journey just launched on Android, and boy is it expensive. You can grab it right now on Google Play for a whopping $17, or £18 over in the UK.

For your money, you do get a complete entry in the long running franchise though – and the first sequel on mobile. This time, you play as Katrielle Layton who’s searching for her missing father in London.

So you’ll travel across the city visiting famous landmarks like the Houses of Parliament or Tower Bridge, solving cases. Along the way, you’ll meet a bunch of wacky and charming characters.

Layton’s Mystery Journey is out right now on Google Play

In gameplay terms, this mostly involves solving a variety of touch based puzzles. Apparently this contains the largest selection of puzzles in series entry so far, and that’s without mentioning the minigames.

You can also redecorate the agency or Kat herself in a variety of outfits. Because what’s a mobile game without a bit of decorating?

If you’re a fan of Layton or this simply sounds good to you, go and grab it from Google Play right now.

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