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5 Android stories you should have read this week

Albion Online Android

It’s the weekend, yay! Not only do you have a whole two days off work, but Droid Gamers rounds up the top Android stories you missed during the week. Isn’t that nice?

It is, yes. So relax, chuck that newspaper on the fire, and read our top five Android stories you really should have read during the week.

The top Android story this week: Albion Online finally launched

Albion Online finally launched this week, giving nerds everywhere the opportunity to live their second life in a fantasy kingdom. It’s a sandbox MMORPG played across PC, Mac, and Android, and lets you play as you want.

You can slay monsters, craft useful equipment, or build entire towns and villages – the world is your oyster. Go and grab the APK right now.

Runescape old and new are heading to mobile

The buzzword for this week was definitely MMORPG, as Jagex revealed that its bringing Runescape to mobile.

Old School will come first in winter this year, and it will let you play seamlessly across your PC and mobile. The new version will then follow – probably next year.

Runescape Old School

We got the awesome digital board game, Triple Agent

Triple Agent challenges a group of players to detect or deceive each other. At the beginning, the game assigns each of a team out of secret or virus agent – with only the latter knowing who’s on each team.

Then, each player is fed information each round that they can use to achieve their goal. For the secret agents, that’s uncovering virus, and for virus it’s sowing the seeds of chaos. Grab it on Google Play.

We discovered the cute Metroidvania Necrosphere

Necrosphere is an upcoming Metroidvania with pixels in all the right places. It’s cute, lovingly retro, and appears to be quite difficult.

Aside from the controls that is, which require a simple tap of the left or right side of the screen. We’ll keep you posted as we learn more.

We also found a tank based MOBA coming later this year

Wrapping up this week is our discovery of the gorgeous tank based MOBA, Panzer League. There are a wide variety of tanks to choose from and upgrade, and each has different abilities.

It’s not coming until later this year, but you can rest assured that we’ll keep you posted. You can check it out if you’re based in southeast Asia though, as it’s already soft launched there on Google Play.

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