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Live out your striker fantasies with Tap Tap Football (Soccer) on mobile

Mobile football games can be incredibly complicated, with sophisticated AI, fiddly control schemes, and special moves that take weeks to master.

But the best football games on mobile are the ones that opt for simplicity, and Tap Tap Football (Soccer) definitely falls into this category.

Developer zedzag has come up with a cheerful cartoon sports game that distills the nervous excitement of football into a 30-second one-thumb experience.

Eat my goal!

You play as a lone striker with five shots on goal. Facing off against varying numbers of opposition players in various different formations, you have to dribble the ball to the penalty area by tapping on the screen and then shoot by double-tapping on the goal.

The challenge is in evading the opposition defenders, who charge towards you at lightning speed, forcing you to choose your path carefully and exhibit swift reactions.

To make things harder, you never know which players are going to break away from their formation and come at you. Each turn is a tense, weaving dash for the shooting area.


There are three leagues to work your way through, and a cup mode in which the games get progressively harder. As you play you earn money (or lose it, if you don’t score any goals) and you can spend this money on better, more expensive players with more favourable stats.

And that’s it. We told you Tap Tap Football (Soccer) is simple. And that’s exactly why it’s such a perfect fit for mobile.

Download Tap Tap Football (Soccer) for free right now on Google Play and the App Store.



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