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Battle others at Clash Royale in the flesh at Clash Nights

Clash Royale Clash Nights Android

Supercell has set up a new scheme called Clash Nights. This encourages players to meet and battle together in person, and you get a reward for doing so.

There’s a bunch happening in August and it’s exclusively for the US right now, but if you love Clash Royale it looks like a lot of fun.

Meet fellow Clash Royale players with Clash Nights

Not only will you participate in live tournaments, but you’ll meet YouTubers and take part in quizzes. You might even make a few new friends, which is nice.

The best part is, you get 500 gems just for showing up, and 500 more if you bring a friend along for the ride. Go regularly and you won’t need to buy an IAP again.

So head on over to the official site to sign up as a host or check out the full event listing. If it’s just more information you’re after, watch the video above.

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