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Another Lost Phone: Laura’s Story is coming this summer

Another Lost Phone

Another Lost Phone: Laura’s Story is an upcoming sequel to A Normal Lost Phone, and it’s coming to Android this summer.

Laura’s Story will tackle a bunch of different social issues to its predecessor. It’s a whole new storyline in which you once again find a missing person’s phone and complete a bunch of new puzzles.

These aren’t traditional puzzles though. Instead, you search through the available apps, messages, and photos to learn what happened to Laura.

Another Lost Phone: Laura’s Story is an upcoming sequel to A Normal Lost Phone

It’s more about piecing together evidence, rather than matching stuff up or pushing boxes. You know, like in traditional puzzlers.

In a sense, you actually feature as a character in the game, and that’s pretty cool. You’re a bit of a superhero really. Or a detective. Whatever you want to be really.

We’re not sure exactly when Another Lost Phone: Laura’s Story will launch, but we’ll keep you posted. In the meantime you can learn more on the official site, or grab A Normal Lost Phone on Google Play.

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